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Yay my last rant of the term muhahahahahahahah yes I have lost my mind it’s finals an yeaaaaaaa I’m not all here hence the subject of my rant frustration which leads to brain dead and loss of sleep. Ugh why must school be this wrong yet I keep thinking before I loose what’s left of it just 5 more terms that all I need.

Why is it that it seems no matter how early you start on your projects they still end up being finished at the last min. I know I started early on manu of my big projects low to come to find out that one of my projects or I should say two will just barley or not be complete. Plus it didn’t help that on a few days I thought I would have off or have the time seems they are filled working or maybe napping because of the lack of sleep or being up to late.

Al I can do to combat most of the issues is to stay calm an work a hard as I can while lookin myself upstairs lol. My parents knows better then to bug me during this time they might bring me grub and stuff but other then that yeaaaaaaaa I don’t exsist as for my phone I will only answer a few peps which they always check up on me during this time to make sure i am still kicking and that I’m eating. Yeaaaaaa if I don’t take care of myself I will see them on my door step kicking my butt. So others beware i will be evil if you try to contact me just like someone found out eariler today.

Well peps I have said my last rant and it’s been fun ranting for what little I did but I feel better well somewhat yet grather be voical then on a blog lol. Anywhos if ya don’t like me bite me later peps.


Well peps time to rant again yay me arent ya glad that you can see me again i beat alot of you guys are saying hells no but oh well ya have to hear me lol. The subject for today is b-day bleh i say bleh. For me its never a picnic grather peps forget that i do have one but heres the lowdow.

For the frist time in a long time i was kinda glad that so many peps wished me a happy b-day while others yeaaaaaaaaa they are going to have to deal with me soon i do not take well to those who i call pals and not drop me a wish oh heck no. Like a friend that i thought he would say hey sorry i messed the party but at least i can say happy b-day to ya nope that didnt happen and yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hes one dead person and im going to start being cold on thur when i see him next. That tells alot about peps some peps that i think didnt care about me from long ago was kind enought to drop me a line talk about shocker. Yet all in all this was a great eye opener.

I’m the type of pal that if i knew ya and also hanged with ya i would repect yea when theres an prob or other important day to you i would drop a line saying whats the correct repsonse would be. Yet other will drop a line when they feel like it thats just wrong. Why be superfishal or just want to be popluar so you befirend these peps just to feel the need to be long. I say thats childish at one point in time i was like that too but i learned that its not the way the world works. That might work in high school but when you get a job you make friends you gang with them but in the end when something goes wrong they wont be there to help ya they could warn ya but thats all they can do. Yep those are hard leasons that everyone goes threw in somepoint in time but some learn and some yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa they might never learn.

Sorry if i seem a bit out of it had a long wk and holiday that seems to go wrong half the time and the lack of sleep is not helping anywhos hopfully next time i will be a bit more clearner on my typing lol. As i like to say if ya dont like me then bite me lol.

Yay its that time again for me to rant my head off and man i got a doze for you today my dear peps. Remeber how i told ya last wk about a friend of mines who had to go before the dean to get something fixed at the school seems retaleation as begin. Its amazing that how fast that this was put into effect to the point where if this time they are doing it legally to the point where the student really dont have a case to present the time. They have added new stuff to the homework in hopes of breaking the student this way now tell me if you were struggling before now they add that to the mix yea you could be a gonner.

I dont get how they could do this to students who are they to choose who they feel will make it out into the real job world where others who wants to learn understand and try to make a name will be destroyed becasuet they dont want to admit they cant teach studies the way each student wants but says that it has to be done that way or hit the road. Bleh i say to them why dont they get everyone is different and was taught and also becasue of age it makes it kinda difficult they will be slower to learn.

This is why i hate being in school everyone has there own ideas about how to go about teaching and that those who they feel are worthy to go on will be while the others are left behind. Why must it be like this i thought were all here to get a better education so that we can contrube seems thats not the case any more. My friend has desided that if she must go down then she will do so because peps like this cant keep getting away with this and poor students are hurting and in financal loss.

Sorry if i seem to be all over the place it just makes me so mad that they are doing this. Its not fair at all with the homework and just having one teach teaching the class i would think they would have one or more teaches doing that so it gives the student the option to try with someone else instead of having the same teach over again they might get it the second time around but in many cases not. Anywhos i better get off this subject its making me really get hissy and still have one more class to go before i call it a day. Anywhos if ya dont like me then bite me laters my peps.

Yay time to rant yet again this time way to much to want to type about yet were going to talk about and how they aren’t always as they seem. Well mind you its not the school its some of the teachers and because of that it gives a bad name in general.

Heres a scenario one day your going to get your classes for next quarter and come to start getting them done with your adviser when he tells ya that basicly since you have two c in core classes that you should be making an a or b in that either you should either switch division or get out of school. That student told the adviser that they did ask the tech for help instead of helping the student that all they got was a question back and no help finding out what they did wrong. Now tell me that does not sound wrong on so many levels. And that adviser also said that if you do happen to say that if that teach don’t break ya when ya get into my class i will break ya one way or the other. To me that says that they want this student to fail i thought all teachs and advisers are here to help not be the opposite.

I tell ya what is the world coming to when not even the peps you look up to are shooting you down. Anywhos this person had to go higher then the adviser since hes the head of the division and your not getting any where with them you go to the dean. And lets say the dean really wasn’t to happy in the way that both the teach and the adviser handled there business. And will start to put into motion stuff that will shake the very foundation of the school in general. Yet why did it had to come to this when all they should care about is that one this person already spent alot of money trying to get a better education and is trying to make something of themselfs yes they arent like the teachs and understand when they get into the real world its going to be difficult. Thats why in beginner class you ask and get examples so that you can see learn then build not here is the code look at it now bend it bleh i say bleh. Lets just say the student is happy that they told the higher ups what had happen but now at the same time until its resolved the student is a bit worried that they will come back to get student. Everyone told the student what they did was guts and that if they had to go down at least others will not suffer their fate. All i can say its going to be a long and hard fought road ahead and that i would support that person all the way even if it ment i would go down with that person as well but the point was made.

Anywhos thats all i wanted to rant about this wk next wk is going to be a dooze about what im going to write about depending on a few factors that will happen over the wkend. Ugh is all i got to say when ya think you got stuff under control something else come into the works and messes up stuff anywhos as i like to say if ya dont like me then bite me.

Yay another day to rant again, this subject that im going to rant about has been bugging me for weeks been trying to rashionalize this as best as possable yet i dont think it can be done. A few weeks ago i got into a fight with my friend about how he says one thing and then goes and changes his plans not thinking i would waste my time, when i could have really used that time for something else.

In his mind he thought that since given the curimstance that was happening around his place at the time to get another friend to take him to the airport yet knowing i had to get up early and work late that night. All he told me was to wait at home never said anything about not picking him up. Yet i didnt want to ruin his vaction i saved my rant for when he got back. Just as before he tired to blame me for as he put it “im jumping down this neck when i have to basis for it and it wasnt a big deal & not needed the extra stress as i did before”. Yes we has a simiar fight before and yea he made me feel bad this time around i wasnt going to have that happen again when it really wasnt my fault but his.

I have done nothing but been there for him for the past 3 yrs with his money issues, personal problems, family etc. He told me long ago that he wanted a fried that had a grounded way of thinking and point out his problems but as like before he gets upset that i tell him and say im the one thats fawled just becasue he has a degree of being a shirnk and has his own quirky way of thinking on stuff he never thinks hes wrong nor likes to be corrected. So i finally gotten to my limit with him and his way of life of being bi now turned gay plus that when he needs something he will buzz me but after a few weeks he would up and leave with out saying a word for months at a time. And with my busy scheduel at school, work, family and money issues, I cant worry about him anymore.

My delma is am i wrong for wanting to call it quits with him when really hes the one who has the issues and seems to have other pals taking care of him when they cant im the last resort. Ive known  him for so long a i feel that if i leave this time for good he will fall apart worse then the last time. Yet at the same time if you cant teach and old dog new tricks so its best to get rid of the issue before it consumes you. 

I’ve always put alot into my friendship my heart and soul becasue i dont make alot of friends and i feel its kinda my calling to help those in need, yet at the same time he help me get out of my shell and some of my issues and i feel no matter what he does i still should be there for him. Even thought i get the feeling hes basicly done with me and stringing me a long because like always he going to fall in the eyes of those so call friends of his and leave him which in return he comes back to me saying hes alone again.

Ive talked with alot of friends and my bff and they all came to the same conslusion that i need to leave him hes ungreatful and like before he will realize what he done to me and this time im really gone. I know it hurt me for the frist week to think about it but at the same time i need to have a break and foucs on what important in my life and he will hinder me if i say with him. So im just waiting for after mid terms to break it to him and get my money that he owes me and leave. I know how it all will go down and this time i will not feel bad for what im going to do with him, he needs to wake up i told him being an adult will either make you or break you, so get with the program or get lost.

I think i have ranted enought lol sorry like i said i tent to ramble a bit to much, anyway for the rest who read this and dont like what i say here is my answer for ya, “if ya dont like me then bite me” lol laters peps.

For me there is no one subject that i like to write about it mostly depends on my moods if that is i like to write about it as i like to call it rant lol. Some of my friends like it when i rant my head off because i dont hold back on how i say stuff its straight forward and to the point my famous quote at the end is “if ya dont like me then bite me” yea im that werid go figure.

The subjects that i like to talk about are mostly astronamy, some history, life, love, or just to let off some steam. Just be far warned i might be a little extream but in the end you can kinda understand where im comming from and get alot of critizism. For me its all good i dont care if ya dont like what i say because i hit something inside of you or not yet thats why you blog to vent alot. Just dont blame me when it comes to you reburing something ya didnt want to see or hide from.

To tell ya the truth im a sucky writer i might think alot when it comes to stuff but never could but it down on paper write more of a speaker then anything else if im comforable with the people i talk to. So i will have alot of miss spelled words rambling espcally if im pissed because i want to say alot but cant type right nor get it out right since i cant tell what i do and i know that sounds wrong.

Well this kinda my first real blog in ages maybe next time i will have something to rant about yay me hopefully i wont be to harsh or really depressing yea i can be scary people dont relize how unsual or depressive because i hide it so well only very few people can tell when i get in that state or not. Anyways in done for now until later on.

What i plan to do for my web page is to create an anime site that will have stuff to sell, look at like comic, videos etc. Or i can do an electronic store that specializes in high end computers or anything high end. Either one of these i would like to do because to all business you have to have a product that the consumers want and has to stay on top if they wish to keep there business going.

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